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QUICKY -soft- 2000





Our system »QUICKY -soft- 2000« is just the right thing for you if you want green embankments. By combining wire mesh mats, geosynthetics and the existing soil we can guarantee you absolute stability for the surface lying above with vegetation on the sloped areas.
The new wire mesh mat, made of one piece, is very quick to install and is definitely cheaper than other products available on the market.
Within a very short time the built-in vegetation mat will be covered with dense vegetation. If you want quick results and let nature do its work then this product is ideal.

Our gabions are easy to install. Special insertable fasteners link the prefabricated wire mesh mats provided with stable eyelets .This is quick and easy –and saves money.

Picture of an assembled front element and floor element

Earth bonded construction
The construction consists of welded wire mesh mats with all-round welded eyelets, insertable rod connectors and bracerods.
  • Erosion protection mats and vegetation mats are made of coconut fibre, where required with grass seed embedded
  • Reinforcement steel mesh, according to structural requirements and technically approved

Assembly instructions
Sample of tender text

Typical section
QUICKY -soft- 2000

Connection of the floor section
with the reinforcement steel mesh
by means of an insertable rod

Erosion protection mat and
vegetation mat made of coconut
fibre behind the front section

We will be glad to advise you with your building project and arrange competent construction solutions for you.

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