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QUICKY -light- 2000





The stone basket with the aesthetic background.
Our »QUICKY -light- 2000« system is suitable for simple walls, slopes or mounds and suchlike without major structural purposes. The wire baskets can be used individually and are quickly to assemble. Filled with stones they have a decorative appearance even in small walls and terraces. More and more private customers are discovering this product as an ideal landscape feature for gardens and exteriors . Plants can be added to the stonebaskets or they can simply be left stone-filled, but will always have a attractive appearance and are good value for money.


Illustration of a single basket 100 x100 x 100 cm


Geogrids for light constructions
- connection of the separate elements using spiral rods
- choice of different elements enable you to meet your
  own needs

suitable for:
  • exposed walls
  • housing construction
  • municipal construction
  • landscape design
  • retaining walls
  • reinforcement of slopes
  • road construction

Assembly instructions
Sample of tender text

insertable spiral rod
connection system
QUICKY -light- 2000

We will be glad to advise you with your building project and arrange competent construction solutions for you.

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