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QUICKY -forte- 2000





Our products for difficult projects. Our special insertable rods of the wire mesh mats ensure special stability of the gabions. Against anything. Connected together the professionally built walls can resist the heaviest of loads. Whether we are considering heavy duty traffic or railway embankments our gabion walls hold fast and are even nice to look at.


Illustration of a single basket 100 x 100 x 100 cm


Geogrids for heavy constructions
- connection of the separate elements via insertable rods
- various component parts for different sizes of basket

Suitable for:
  • exposed walls
  • housing construction
  • municipal construction
  • landscape design
  • retaining walls
  • reinforcement of slopes

Assembly instructions
Sample of tender text

insertable rod connection system
QUICKY -forte- 2000

We will be glad to advise you with your building project and arrange competent construction solutions for you.

QUICKY -light- 2000

QUICKY -soft- 2000

Typ „Quicky-forte S“

Noise protection

Trendsetting building materials


Customer geared


Looking to
the future


Environmentally friendly and aesthetically pleasing


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