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  Now with DIBt-Approval:
Gravity Gabion-Wall System “Quicky Forte 2000”
  Gabions have a long tradition. In the 18th century our great grandparents applied this technology for retaining walls in using stone structures in the valleys of the Alps especially in order to minimise the dangers of stones falling or embankments collapsing. In those times however they used simple materials to fulfil their needs.
Nowadays wire basket gabions filled with rubble stone are used to achieve effective fortification of slopes. Additionally other aspects such as noise protection and screening from view are playing a growing role. We have been offering our products for many years in this field and during this time our trade has been marked by constant improvement of our quality, product range and activities.
Now with the new Bezinal®2000 alloy we have taken an important step forward again regarding the durability of our products. Double durability compared with other products on the market is proof of the demands we make on our own products.
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